The Way Things Move

by Lost River/Old River



Cedar Shakes
Watching the Trees Move
Cold Hands
When the Whirlwind Was
I Fix Nothing, I Let It Go
Missing Mountains
The Way Things Move
Ghost in the Sunlight

These songs came into being between 2009 & 2014. Matthew wrote, performed, recorded & produced them all inside various homes while watching things move.

Full release soon...


released 07 October 2014

Wilson Kemp - drums - 02, 03, 04, 10
Eric Loftis - drums - 05, 07, 08
Maureen Halverson - vocals - 02, 03, 04, 10
John Gnorski - lap & pedal steel - 02, 06, 07
Alicia Kate Halverson - vocals - 07
John Walsh - vocals - 04



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Lost River/Old River Austin

Sometimes-folk music made by Matthew Hovey Kemp

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Track Name: Cedar Shakes
if I am allowed to sit and breathe
on the beach alone looking out at the sea
will I find the stillness I need?
or only the way things are moving in me

(if I am) found by the fury of love in the morning,
will I know it at night?
(on the beach) feeling a moment becoming a memory,
will I remember it then?
(will I find) a voice in the fog of a future that I cannot see,
calling to me?
(or only) a noise in the distance, a smudge on the mirror of time
with love looking back