No Clouds

by Lost River/Old River

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released August 13, 2010

1 No Clouds
2 Share These Hands
3 Lost River
4 I Am Calm
5 Sinners
6 Old River
7 The Night’s Electric Lights
8 Box Elder
9 Thunder
10 At The Hotel Shirley Savoy
11 Grins
12 Found River/Young River

A Book of Arrows recording created
in five different houses in four different states.

Written, performed, recorded, mixed & mastered
by Matthew Hovey Kemp unless otherwise noted.



all rights reserved


Lost River/Old River Austin

Sometimes-folk music made by Matthew Hovey Kemp

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Track Name: No Clouds
there were no clouds
Track Name: Share These Hands
there’s a quiet place inside my folded hands
a tiny forest of secret gears and exploded plans
we'll share a state sewn from remembering within ourselves
spread out so carefully in the circles of our minds
we're moving towards green and gold again
Track Name: Lost River
we come awake in a sunken field
formed in stillness around us
we rise with the shine of a belligerent sun
with dew on our lips
the mountains surround, smoky waves drowned
in the green of the woods
soft, the wind carries us up like a mad little bird  

did I move slowly enough for you?
the fire exploded I thought Ben was through
we brushed the embers off of our shoes
and laughed at the number of holes that were new
you hoped I noticed you

I have already forgotten what it was I wanted to say something darling don't just stand there trying hard to look me in my eye/I have already forgotten what it was I wanted to say something darling don't just stand there trying not to look me in my eye/I have already…
we can’t fall asleep, it’s dark and it’s cold
but it is not quiet
there's a river nearby but I cant find its song
between all the others
I listen hard for the noise that it makes
as its water's repeating
on and on a lot like the things we thought we'd do
Track Name: I Am Calm
if the night keeps falling around us darling
your eyes will melt away
and your thoughts will follow through thick and hollow
until nothing's left to say
we'll grow old in no time at all
our lines will show in our folds

I can’t understand why the cracks in the road
would be wet at this time of night
it hasn't rained or snowed since a long time ago
but the lines are reflecting the light
in the evening glowing the red clouds
like wine on a map of unreachable heights
we share secret smiles and step without knowing
directly into winter's sights
and we'll walk along the side
with the cars going by
and you'll ask how I feel
and I’ll know that this ain’t real
I am calm and I’m cold
I’m alone when I’m with you
I am calm and I’m cold
I’m alone
when I’m with you I think of home
Track Name: Sinners
the sinners on their porches in the late afternoon
watch the fireflies appearing in the long distant gloom
they slowly grow quiet in the dark tidal heat
their chairs are as old and as broken
as the trees towering over the road
they reach for each other
over peeling paint and forgotten lawns
in their eyes there's a darkness
and in their bony hands there's always a pause
because they know the middle
because they know all along
Track Name: Old River
you were all ready to stir without even knowing why
the lines we repeat in our sleep will follow us home
I think I’m still drunk from the night
we spent with Old Grandad
we bend between our commonwealths
and you will be known

because we are brothers
we may not know everything there is to know
but when we create things
the colors of constancy begin to show
because it is winter
we see things we didn't know were there
the windows are etchings
and the bench above Cajun is bare
because we are brothers
we may not know everything there is to know

we traded creeks for streams
when you were still waking up
and found ourselves deep in the gleam
of a light of our own
we found a house that would hold
the growth of a garden's gain
but I still remember the fear
and the feeling of chance
Track Name: The Night's Electric Lights
I will not stay, I will not go
you are whole and I am half
the night’s electric lights are building us a raft
the river’s running, the trees are standing
and we’re not dead
the river’s standing, the trees are running
and we’re not dead

I held you up to the light
your organs were glowing
I held you up to the light
your organs were burning alive
and we both fell through the fire
into the furnace inside
Track Name: Box Elder
winter warmth inside your gut
don't let the light away
Track Name: Thunder
thunder rolls around
in the heat of the summer's crown
we are old but we are still young
we are wise among the foolish ones

and the old way is the only way we know
in the green fields where the fog builds we will lay

the laughter rolls around
and the fire we built has all burned down
we are sprawled but we are exact
we are order among the abstract

and the old way is the only way we know
on the dirt roads as the day grows we are home
Track Name: Grins
we found a tomb and talked mostly about bones
and what they meant to us
and then the ghosts joined in
and told us what they meant to them
they talked real low and soft, so you and I got real still
so we could hear them above our breath
those old souls, they told us
they left their bones behind for us
so that we would know that they had been here at all

a mournful tune found me grinning, baring all my teeth
and I knew where I had heard it
in the graveyard with you

we pushed off from shore at midnight
in boats we built ourselves with the hoods of old cars
we used the bottles we had emptied night after night
to help keep us afloat   
“Come to me,” you called out
but the rope that we held was long
and the rocks that it found were sharp
eventually I might make my way
to find out where you went
but for now I'm doing fine

a mournful tune found me grinning
baring all my teeth
and I knew where I had heard it
on a river in the woods
but that's all through, I have found a place now
where the water ain't that loud
a mournful tune helped me close a door
that I’d been meaning to for years
Track Name: Found River/Young River
the sky has been cleaned
there's no clouds on the river
and the herons on the bank in the reeds
all fish with a fever
the colors are caught
between caution and impulse
but I stand still in the woods
and I watch the water pass by

I’m young and I’m warm
and I jump in the river
I can spend days by myself all alone
just laying on rocks
the smells and the sounds
will be with me forever
and I’ll climb every tree that I find just to say that I did

trees are falling over
I hear them come crashing down
it sounds like trains converging on us and its all around
the trees all come apart
and the earth moves and falls away
there will be a river that's wide and new today
its water will remember the trees that it took away

there were no clouds or it was all clouds, I couldn't tell
aside from the owl you killed we had a good time,
I found something new
somewhere near New Orleans we came to a bridge
with a single green sign
it told us to close our eyes:
it gets a bit brighter before it is through